North Edmonton's First and Best Bong/Vape Store!
Est. 2007 - Closed 2018

To All our Patrons, Friends, and Family

Bogart's Pipes & Papers opened in August of 2007. Eleven years ago we had no idea the impact our business and staff would bring to this community. We've been honored and privileged with attending festivals, being part of community events, hosting celebrity guests and more. None of which would have been possible without your constant and continued support.

Bogart's Pipes

As of August 2018, we unfortunately have shut our doors forever to chase new dreams and follow new inspiration. It was a decision that hit hard to home in our hearts and minds, as the last thing we ever wanted to do was leave the wonderful community that we're blessed to be part of. We want to personally thank each and every one of you for helping make us into one of North Edmonton's most respected and trusted sources for all things 420 friendly, and we kindly and humbly wish each and every one of you happy trails.

Never stop dreaming, and happy toking from all of us.

Bogart's Storefront

If you're still looking for 420 Vapes & Eliquids,
visit Steeped Monkey Brains.
They are located right next door to our old location. Amazing staff and amazing Vapes.
They also do Free Shipping across all of Canada!

Inside Bogart's